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Boyle Collection 1999.03.1137.jpg
This image illustrates items from Indigenous tribes around Humboldt County. Indigenous peoples most commonly used Redwood as their material for Serving Platters. Other, harder woods, were typically used for the spoons and bowls as they had more…

A man in a buggy being pulled by a two horse team through the Humboldt redwoods.

A woman, May Pearsall, standing on a bridge in the redwoods with a fishing pole. Individual identified by Sam Swanlund in 1998. 

Two ladies prepare a picnic table while a man lounges nearby among the Redwoods.

The Presidential Group leaving Airforce One at McKinleyville Airport to board Marine Helicopters for trip to Redwood National Park, August 1969.

An image displaying two views of Humboldt County. The first view is showing Trinidad Head of the Pacific Ocean shore from the Redwood Highway. The second view is showing Richardson Grove State Park.

Wm.D. Haywood and Eureka Socialists beside the giant Redwood in Sequoia Park Eureka, March 1909.

Redwood Log showing smaller tree encased by larger tree

A carload of people touring Redwood Park.

Hupa baskets for sale in Humboldt County.
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